Wednesday, 4 December 2013

.......* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "OBJECT OF DESIRE" *.......

"Appear to Be an Object of Desire
Make your targets hungry to possess you.  It will become a point of vanity for them to be the preferred object of your attention."
~ Robert Greene - "The Art of Seduction" ~

Object of Desire. For men, they turn themselves into Alpha Males. For women, they turn themselves into Alpha Females. The end result is the same: to be women or men's object of desire.

I must be honest. I personally have been an object of desire to one woman. Not sure of any others to be honest. Sometimes that desire can be just a passing feeling amongst men and women. It can be faked. I would hope that it would be more honest than anything. In any event, for most people it is genuine desire.
Being the object of desire, is something that I really am not that informed about since my knowledge of being an object of desire as I mentioned above is very limited. I feel that we are objects of desire with the way that we look physically, the way we dress, conduct ourselves, speak and think. If you are getting those extra stares that are coming your way, then your doing something right physically that's for sure.

If you are getting deep eyes looking at you during regular conversation with the person across from you whether it's a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and so on, then your doing something that is making that person look at you as someone whose not only physically attractive but mentally desirable. There is also spiritually desirable. A lot of people are the complete package where they possess all of these desires to the simple eye.

In enclosing, the object of desire to me is a person more than it's a place or thing. I always believe that there is someone for everyone. Stay humble if you are a desirable woman or man, as mentioned, the way that you conduct yourself is apart of what makes you desirable. Don't let it get to your head, or you will be then undesirable.

If you are being desired by someone, then smile and know that the person that desires you, may just be someone that you have always wanted all along and just didn't realize it until you paid attention. So, keep your eyes open people, you might just be someone's OBJECT OF DESIRE.

.................* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "FAKE PEOPLE" *..................

Fake People. I have been surrounded by many throughout my lifetime whether it was family, friends, girlfriends and co-workers. I have never been able to truly get away from them. I always wished there was someway that I could give them a good shot of my realness so that they could be as real as myself. Wishful thinking.

People are fake, coming to you in many forms. Some humor you with whatever it is you want to talk about or feel at that moment with no real genuine care or feeling towards your plight. They want you to feel only for them and not have to reciprocate to you in return when you need it. You help people always, then when you need help from them they are not there. And so on and so on. 

It is a funny quote above but it really isn't that funny when you think about it. I have never thought about killing anyone if they are fake to me. That's a bit extreme. If they hurt me emotionally or mentally really bad then I think of retaliating but not killing anyone. I however do always stay calm as much as possible.
Losing my cool is not a pretty site for anyone including me. The anger takes over and then you want to act on the harsh thoughts. Not me. I am calm. And, you have to be with people that are fake. Some are more fake than others. You just have to distance yourself from those that wish to be dealt with in a severe manner.

They then will become just nothing more but a distance forgettable memory. It ties back to Karma. It will get those that hurt you every time. So stand back and watch it happen. Fake people deserve what they get and have to answer to themselves eventually. You rarely if ever, find someone that truly humbles themselves for being fake to people. They become more fake and try to put on a mask of stone that their shit doesn't stink. They are the ones that get called out on their bullshit first.
Fake people for me, are just nothing more than a very distant forgettable memory. They have no place in my world and should never have had a place in my life to begin with. It's part of growing up. You only can rely on two people, yourself and well, yourself to weed out those fakers to your thrown of realness.
Take it from me, I have dealt with too many fake people, that I have lost count. I only surround myself with real people with genuine kindness in their hearts. People that come with no strings attached or drama. I have had my fair share of drama, I survived it and now can only deal with like minded people such as myself that are only here to spread real love and real happiness amongst those that we come in contact with.

All fakers, will be left behind. Let them stew in their own fake lives and misery, while you and I soar with the eagles carrying our realness as protective coats of armor.

Like the old saying goes: "Real recognizes real"... 

................* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "SECRET ADMIRER" *...........


Secret Admirer. It's someone that watches you from a distance and notices your every move and adores everything you do without showing you that they do. A secret admirer is someone that checks up on you if it's someone that you know {and can tolerate}. It can be a friend, a friend of a relative, a friend of a friend, your husband, your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your fiancé, or even your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. This person comes with no harm most of the time. Just simply waits for the chance to tell you how much they love you or much they miss you. Even how much they want you in their life. It's the people that never come out and say that they admire you, that feel stuck in that admirer purgatory.

Of course, as you see above there is two different types of admirers. I admire more than I am being admired. That's the truth from my POV. If your going to admirer someone at least have your own act together so that once that person knows or eventually finds out that you are their secret admirer, you can present yourself as someone who is worthy of being in their presence and vice versa. I feel that I have my shit together when it comes to whom I admire so when they catch me taking that longer glance over at them they know that I mean business with them, and that she is going home with me tonight.

Now, I am speaking in general speak here but I am simply stating that you must present yourself worthy of being with that person that you admire. I am still blown away by the men that have woman that make other men and even woman question: "what does she see in that guy?" or "what does he see in her?" It's not just looks but a good chunk of this is from the confidence factor.

A person can be super attractive if they are confident in themselves and are giving out a real charismatic positive vibe to the room. I have seen guys that otherwise were not very good looking from a guy {or girl}'s POV that ended up with very attractive girls. And vice versa. It was the confidence. It was the secret admirer in those people that told them that they could be with that woman or be with that man if they play their cards right.

I am a secret admirer now. If you are a secret admirer yourself, don't be afraid to tell that person that you have fallen for them. You will end up happy when you do, because at least you finally got it out that you are watching that person.

Win, lose or draw, you are going to be happy that you said something. It will give you a boost of confidence no matter the outcome of coming out and saying how you feel about the person that you have been admiring.

If that person is not interested then you have the confidence to continue your search. You never know, that person that you told your feelings to, or someone else may just come to you. They might just be, YOUR SECRET ADMIRER :)

* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "UNSUPPORTIVE PEOPLE" *

Unsupportive People. In other words, unsupportive support. I am perfect example of this. I have had absolutely no support from previous girlfriends, family or friends. Again, one person stood in my corner when no one else would. I don't bullshit myself when it comes to people that were there during my struggles and those that were not. One person and no one else was there. Well, one person then one other: MYSELF. It came from within me to want to move forward with that one person in my corner but not everyone is that strong. 

Unfortunately, most people I know are not motivated to do more than the bare minimum example: get married, have kids, get a house and car - DONE. People don't realize that there is more to life than the bare minimum. More than what is expected of you. I am on my way to acquiring through hard work and a loving relationship those bare minimum actions but there is more to me than that. I have support now but before there was none from anyone. It hurt and it still hurts today, but I maintain my composure and move forward as best as possible. I just don't have any quit in me which is where it starts when it comes to motivation.
No, I have the idea to achieve those minimums but to also have a life plan. But, it's because I am motivated by much more. Example: my company, my own personal goals, and self satisfactions. Materialistic is not much of a factor for me at all. My partner and I have a tremendous understanding that a life plan has to be put into place so that there is no complacency in our life at any point. That's why it's lasted so long with us, there has never been complacency between us. It's always fresh and new but yet familiar and safe.
We and I in particular, have only ourselves to rely on when it comes to support. You can't force anyone to support you in everything that you do. One thing to get support in, is hard enough. Let alone, many things from people. I have let go of the idea that I will get that support from anyone, so I use it as a tool to turn that negativity into a positive for myself in moving forward. It has come to the point where I don't need anyone's support anymore period. If your not with me, then your against me. I have honestly always been that way. Again, unsupportive people has made me this way in this regard.

I have just described to you the best way to heal from unsupportive people. But, please do indulge me my dear reader a bit more here. You must realize that despite you being in a relationship whether it's dating, marriage or common law, that if your partner does not support you in your goals or ambitions than you must get away from that person if you see it continues to be negative from them. I know a few people that I was in relationships with that echoed this behaviour with me.
One girl said indirectly to me that I was not creative enough to do anything entrepreneurial. Another one said, me following my dreams was what killed our relationship. Even though, it was there bad treatment of me that killed those relationships.
I have rebounded and have fought my way back because, I saw sometime ago that those same girls are still just that: GIRLS. I have a real WOMAN. One that I support just the same as she has stuck by me and support me. She totally got what I was doing with my dreams {my company} and was with me every step of the way where no one else wanted to be. For that, amongst many reasons, I am honored to be her man and blessed for her to be my woman.
It's funny, those same people that are not supportive of you, always keep tabs on you and act like they don't know that you are succeeding in what they simply did not want to support you on. Then turn around and jump on your band wagon when your hot. Or they look to use your good name which you worked for, in order to get themselves over. I tell ya, everyone looks for the free ride from you, without wanting to support you from the start.
The best thing too, is that you can then have the power to transfer that negative energy to them where it rightfully belongs and then shut them out of your success. It makes them think twice about what they did wrong in not supporting you. That's how you recover. You prove them wrong and then if you choose, you can shove it in their face!
Works for me! 

...........................* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "POSSIBLE" *...........................

Possible. Anything is. I have always wondered why not enough people do not invest in this belief. Too many people that I know have shut themselves down before giving themselves a chance first. It all came down to believing first that anything is possible. 

I have always believed that something wonderful is about to happen to me. I have lived in hell for the better part of the last 34 years. The last 8 years has been the roller coaster ride from hell to above ground for me. I maintained all this time, that it can not get anymore worse for me as it already has. You know what? I was right! It's been finally, me seeing some positive things happening in my life. But, only because I had support from one woman and the unbeatable desire from within myself to not quit. I have never been a quitter and will never be. It's because I believe that any and everything is possible. Next stop for me, heaven. I just simply always believed.
Always believe. I have and I am still working hard to achieve what I have been working a lifetime for. I am still living in the hood. I am still not where I want to be in life, but only because of the high standard that I know that I have set for myself. But, I am getting there. I am getting there, because I believe.

Thinking outside the box certainly helps. I am not a sucker. I am not going to be stuck sitting in the same spot forever. That's for chumps. Not for me. I don't complain because, I know how bad it has already gotten for me. But, I maintain my convictions, my posture and continue to move forward in a positive direction. Nothing can stop me now World. Why? because, I know that anything and everything is POSSIBLE.

* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "PEOPLE I WANT TO PUNCH IN THE FACE" *


People I want to punch in the face. Too many to name. Karma is the real punch to the face. It hits harder than any physical damage could ever do. Trust me I know. While, I pack a knockout punch of my own. Karma's is absolutely stronger. I must admit. King Karma, will always rule.

There use to be a "list" of people that myself and my old friend would add to every time we encountered someone that was to be dealt with in a harsh and timely fashion. Of course, we were just adding them to a fictional list that no one ever actually got physical beatings from us. It was a list of people that were just not in our good books. For me, that list grew into real life situations that bared real malice towards. Wrong doers as they are called. In my world, they are called hurtful people. People with no purpose but to disrupt my order of comfortable and happy living. They became more targets than I ever imagined. 
To the point that there are multiple volumes of this fictional but all be it, very real list of wrong doers. Do I act on that aggression and wish physical or emotional harm? No. Karma will handle those bastards and bitches. They will have their own "Dark Passenger" that will whisk them to their land of punishment. I make the list, and karma gets them for me. I stay happy and focused. They stay stuck and miserable. It doesn't change the fact, they are still people I want to punch in the face.
If this were a Wrestling match {in many ways it is in all realty: winners and losers}, my tag team partner, Karma will always tag in for the punishment. The finish of the match?..."The winners and still champions!...TEAM KARMA!"
Punches to the faces, "boots to asses", and nothing more than smiles and cries...

.......................* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "FROM AFAR" *........................

From Afar. From afar, I watched her. I watched her every move. I watched her deal with the crazy world in front of us. I watched the men fall at her feet, only to detect that she was being let down. To see that she was being lead down the wrong path because she was told it was right to be a certain way with men. I watched from afar. She is beautiful, sexy, smart, curvy, top heavy, bottom heavy, sweet, sensual, sassy but classy, take charge, dominant and charismatic both with her brains and body. From afar...I watched her. I studied her....from afar. 

From afar. She is opinionated, but the same upfront. From afar, she is important. Up close, she is more important. She is Indian, west or east is not important to the eye, but she is Indian regardless to the day that we hope to fly. She is strong and desirable. She is real. She is hot. She is everyone's choice for pleasure or simply for smiles. Or for both. I am lucky because I know that all of her is mine if I wish.

This Indian beauty has been looking in my direction for years. As, I have had my gaze upon her for a lifetime without knowing her all to well at the time. All for my desirable fulfillment. She is there in front of me for the taking. She is drop dead gorgeous, stunning and very easy on the eyes. From afar, and up close, she is a real life brown skin Barbie doll. Minus the plastic parts. She is all natural from head to toe. Her personality is apart of her sexy and attractive appeal.

From afar, I see her and wish that she is in my life forever. I am lucky, but even though we don't speak as much as I wish, she is there. In my life. From afar, I am grateful more than she knows. I try to show it to her without looking obviously in the direction of sounding or feeling desperate for her every breath. But, when she is not talking to me, I know that she is with me jumping and dancing in my heart. She is apart of me. Always...
I am lucky to have her in my life. Who is she? you might ask Well, she is my secret weapon for inner and outer happiness. Even when she doesn't know it. She is the piece to my puzzle that completes the man that writes this. Does she know what I want from her? I don't know. Will she ever find out? I think so. Obvious gestures confuse and humble her. In direct gestures gets that beautiful mind of hers going. As it's the thoughts of love, passion, desire and lust that drives her to me and me to her.
But, for now, I keep my words close to the heart. But, for now, and so I watch you. From afar...

.....................................* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "LIAR" *.........................................

Liar. "Liar, Liar, pants on fire!". It was an old saying that I use to hear and use on the liars throughout my life. I luckily never became one of those people. I never liked when someone would lie to me. But then again, who would like someone lying to them? No one I would imagine. In particular, I have been lied to from everyone from my parent, my family, my girlfriends of past, my boys, my co-workers and frankly, it was getting to the point where I couldn't trust anyone or believe anyone. I am sure that this has happened to you. It's happened all too often to me. I have one person in my life that has never lied to me to this point. One person out of thousands of people that I have met? What does that tell you?

Well, it tells me a lot. That I needed to change my circle of people that were around me. But, you can't choose your relationships sometimes. So it's hard to avoid. I have kept it real with people and it from the most part, was not reciprocated. I have had people use religion as a means to say that they have repented for their poor behaviour towards me, just to turn back to that same person that did the damage in the first place. That's pretty shitty, to use religion as a means to want someone back in their life and then show their true colors again not long after. I have had people say that I pray that you find happiness in your life, when all they ever did was not try to change themselves so that I didn't have to find happiness elsewhere. I could go on but you get my point here. These are liars. The slickest of the slick. I kept it real and they didn't. What again, does that tell you?
That liars lead you to a path where you have to face "The Big Lie". That being, "does this person really care about me? If so, why lie?" You have to look at yourself first and ask, "Is this the big lie, that I am living? Why do I need these people around me when all they ever do is lie?". I went through this my entire life. I go through this now. But, I have gotten smarter with each passing thought of asking myself this. It's made me less tolerant of people's lies. I have been able to smell a lie, like a fart in church.
You can't get it passed me anymore. I have called people out on their lies after I finally stopped questioning myself and the big lie question answered itself. You can't change the people that feel the need to always lie. You can only change yourself and try your best to be less tolerant of these individuals as I have. Change is something that liars fear. Be that fear. Be real and don't lie. You will thank yourself later for it.

* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "THE POWER OF A WHISPER" *

The Power of a Whisper. There is nothing like it if used for good. I have whispered in the ears of the listening for years. Only the few that listened survived that power. One, has stood the test of time in my darling's years: "I love you". But, there is another type of whisper that is ever lasting as well that is shared between lovers or would be lovers. You can guess what words those are: "I want to fuck you" is thee main one. "Come back to my place" is another. "Thank you", "You look hot in that dress", "Your sexy", or "Come with me", is just a few more examples. They all have the same desired effect. You are using your words close to one of the most sexual erogenous zones of a woman or a man's body. You can revert to quote number 2 of what will be the outcome if done correctly. 

I have had many a pleasant word whispered in my ear from one woman. I do get turned on. Always. The power of the whisper is stronger than you think. Unfortunately, you have to get in a right environment in order to use this tactic. Going to a club where you have no choice but to whisper or talk in someone's ear because the music is too damn loud is not sexy. If your at a party where you have trapped your target to whisper something sexy in their ear is more doable than spitting alcohol in someone's ear trying to get their number or trying to get their number by chatting them up in their ear. You get the picture... 
Even your name being whispered in a woman's ear or whispering the woman's name in their ear is hot too. It will have the desired effect as well. Don't get me wrong, no everyone will fall under your spell if your trying this on everyone. You have to study your target and feel confident enough that this is going to work or you might get rejected. Better yet, a slap to the face from the woman. Or the wrong impression if it's a woman trying to talk slick in a man's ear.
The right amount of buzz words, enough closeness to the ear and an enticing use of physical contact is going to show you the real power of the whisper.
It's worked on me & for me thus far! * wink, wink * That is THE POWER OF A WHISPER...

......................................* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "KARMA" *.........................................

Karma. Karma, I have always said, is a muthafucka! No matter how hard you pray that it doesn't get you, it WILL get you. If you have done wrong someone, it will catch up to you. I know that I have always treated people as how I wanted to be treated. But, you can't help how people conduct themselves. If you are as aggressive as me, then you must be their immediate karma. The situation must be dealt with.
I have always believed in karma, for the amount of hurt and pain that I have felt from individuals that walked into my life with smiles but were looking for ways to hurt me while smiling to my face. My kindness has always been mistaken for weakness. My laid back demeanor has always made people think that I am a pushover. WRONG! I sit back and watch the loudest and most "aggressive" people make the dumbest mistakes.
They find out quickly that taking the tough guy/girl approach makes them look like a fool. It's funny actually. I am laid back because, when I move, I move in silence. When I move, I move with purpose, passion and with the idea that your mistakes is what I am trying to avoid. I am laid back for many reasons. One of them is, that I stand back when that lightening bolt of karma hits you. I am not getting struck by your karma. I always say, never stand in the way of someone's karma.

This is exactly what I made clear above. I have and will continue to watch karma strike the individuals that have hurt me and have tried to harm me. I take satisfaction in seeing this. I always say: "Good, you deserved it. You should have treated me or that person better!". It is truly a sight for sure.  
Need I say more? Yes, karma has no deadline. I have seen it strike those individuals that have hurt me and others like if God was slapping them across the face himself. I urge all of you, that if you don't want your karma to get you if you did wrong then please from the get go, treat people as you want to be treated. I know there is a boatload of individuals who are still getting their karma and some that are in the process of being anally raped by their karma as we speak. Sit back, and watch the drama unfold, and pray that it doesn't happen to you. Karma, as I said, is a muthafucka!

...* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" 1st Ever "Passion" Post: "FIRST LOVE" *...

First Love. Your first love is someone that you will never forget no matter how hard you try to move on with your life. Lucky for me, I finally found my first true love after years of feeling that I had found it with my first two previous girlfriends. I guess it's true that "third time, does the charm". My first love comes at a time in my life, where I have finally gotten into position to really make a bold and daring move that will catapult me into stardom. Both personally and professionally to be clear.

My first love is who I am with. Not because I am with her now, but because she is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after a long period of darkness. I will always remember in the years of darkness, who was there and who wasn't. She was and is there when no one else wanted to be. But, I truly love her. Truly. In love I should say. Nothing will ever take this feeling away from me as I know it's finally genuine. 

I fell in love immediately with her. She has made me feel like I felt I should have all these years of toiling in meaningless, bottomless relationships. Like a worthy man. An important man. I have done my best to treat her like she deserves from the get go, and that's like a queen. My queen. That my friends, is true love. To love someone unconditionally, no matter of race, color, creed or religion. To treat that person as important as you want to be treated. Not as an option but as a choice. I found that. Thank god. It's how she makes me feel important nearly as much as she does for me. We have a fair loving and giving relationship. That is love. Give and take. Not, take, take, take.  

There are people out there that feel that they have moved on or have tried to convince themselves of moving on. It never happens for those people. I have been hurt more than I have been the person hurting someone. So it's been easy to move on from the stand point that I did everything within my power to make all the wrongs right. If that person didn't want any of the positive of me, then they were not good enough to be with me.

Let them convince themselves of being the right one to "move on". Let them. But, I have always known, the real is over here with me. I have gotten in "trouble" for telling the truth. The brutal honest truth about my love life but I know right from wrong. You can't touch someone that tells the truth. You may try, but I dare you to try it again. First Love. It makes you stronger than you think. Test it, and you will get run over. Aggressive? Yes. True? Absolutely!

My first love, is who I finally found. Not who I was with before. I found what was missing. I found what I should have always had. My first love. I don't know anyone that ever said or thought of me as their first love but I know that I can call my woman now, my FIRST LOVE. There is nothing like it. Nothing.
I don't try to fool myself with anything. I have always been real and honest. I found someone that is like minded and effortlessly is on the same page as I. Nothing is forced, rushed, or contrived. It's real. It's real love. It's our FIRST LOVE.
I take back a previous statement, I do know someone that calls me their first love. It's my queen. She is my goddess. The love of my life. For that, she deserves all my love and then some that others wanted to throw away. I know my worth being with her. That is what makes her in many ways, MY FIRST LOVE.
For that, I thank you for being my FIRST LOVE :)

...* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" 1st Ever "Poison" Post: "BETRAYAL" *...

Betrayal. Throughout my life, I have been betrayed by many people. Some of which were and still are people that were and still are close to me. I trusted them, because, I felt that they were suppose to be individuals that were by relation had to be my closest confidants. I have been wrong with everyone that I have been betrayed by. Poor judgement on my part for believing what was being fed to me. That was my mistake. As the old saying goes: "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me three times? Not a chance!". Needless to say, I have not been fooled by these purveyors of betrayal a third time. Those people have been left by the wayside. I have no time for games. I have no time for people who were never genuine from the jump. Never again.
I had hope for many of those that have betrayed me. Hope is what kept me going, long after seeing those betrayers had vanished. I still extended my hand to them despite there being no reciprocation. I checked for people that could care less if I was even still breathing despite not doing anything wrong on my part. It hurt. It still hurts. The good ones get hurt and the bad ones get everything. A process that never sits well with me. I have never betrayed anyone. EVER. The reason? I just never wanted it to ever happen to me. My loyalty has always gotten me the short end of the stick. NEVER AGAIN.
It's betrayal that it ultimately comes down to. I gave everything that I had and then some to those purveyors of betrayal with no positive outcome. I searched for love and friendships in the wrong places from individuals who were insincere from the start. I found my own way. Blazed my own path holding on to the betrayal as a scar of war from each individual that betrayed me. Girlfriends, Family, Friends, Co-Workers. They all betrayed me.

It became hard for me to trust anyone after so much betrayal. My circle of loved ones is now very small. I have created my own environment and world, that if betrayal creeps it's ugly head again, it wouldn't be hard to tell this time where the betrayal comes from. I guess, it's true that you can never trust a snake not to bite you. I learned my lesson.