Wednesday, 5 February 2014

~~~ * "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY" * ~~~

Love Unconditionally. I have always said: Love Unconditionally regardless of race, color, creed or religion. To add to that, I have come from a broken home where I had a single mother, no visible father and shared the same mother but different father with my half sisters and brother. I grew up by myself. I didn't choose my family. I didn't choose whom my blood relatives are.
But, it was my mother's poor decision making & the enforcement of that decision from my sisters and brother that ensured that I was always kept out of the family. It's no fun being called a "Son" or "Brother" to the people that never treated you as such let alone apart of what was obviously their family.
It's a fact that Loving Unconditionally was something that they never heard of before. The only difference? Well many, that I will not get into now but on the surface, just a different father. He too was a non-factor in my life as well. Different story for a different time.
When you do not Love Unconditionally then rest assured there is also no accountability taken by those that do not practice this mantra of Loving Unconditionally. 
However, I am very thankful that I have no regrets for Loving everyone Unconditionally. My love has never seen race, color, creed or religion. Unfortunately, as you can tell just from family, it was never reciprocated. No, it's stretched all across the board with me. From, the family to the friends to the relationships with girls. Yep, I have been through it all when it comes to no reciprocation. Let me give you a few more direct examples:
Example 1:
I was in a "Relationship" with a girl that was highly religious and completely devout in her creed of her born into religion. But, you see, she only used it as an excuse for not trying to be on the same page with me about anything. But, when she would boldly hurt me in our relationship, she would turn to God as a convenience. No apologies. No nothing. Sounds like a religious flake don't you think?
When talking about the future, the marriage was to be only about her religion being honored not both of ours. Pretty cold response from her when I asked about this. Even though it meant a lot more to me to have both religions honored. This was just a roadblock that she threw into what I thought was a loving relationship.
We had the same religious beliefs but hers was more extreme than mines. I am a man that never threw religious beliefs on anyone. She was different. Needless to say, I found someone thankfully, that didn't make this the main issue with us but simply compromised. Religion is not a main factor in our relationship. It's because we Love each other Unconditionally.
Example 2:
Race & Color. I was born in Toronto, Canada. I am Indian & Spanish Trinidadian and from what I have been told: my great, great Grandmother was black.
So with all these races in my bloodlines, I am Trinidadian through and through. I am currently in love with a woman that is East Indian. It's pretty much the same but we as Trinidadians came from East Indian descent. If you want to be technical here of course.
But, it makes no difference what our race or color is. That's the point that I am trying to make here. If your as black as night or as white as snow, if you two have that special connection, are comfortable with one another and see each other being in the other's lives forever, then your on the right path. Because simply, your Loving Unconditionally.
Example 3:
You must always Love Unconditionally because it goes back to the old saying that: "You must treat everyone as equal and treat them as you would like to be treated". I stand by this. I am brown. The men and women I grew up with in Toronto & for a short time in Trinidad were brown, black, white, Asian. Or as mixed as I am.
I actually rarely had White friends growing up but I never treated them different than anyone. If we were cool, then we were cool. I always was like: "Who gives a fuck what color you are?, we cool, we cool!"
Unfortunately, there are still racist people out there that do not have the same beliefs as me or you. The way I also see it, is that no matter of race, color, creed or religion, beauty is beauty. Sexy is sexy. Loving is Loving. And so on & so on.
The bottom line is, that when you read this, you should open your mind to me as a person and to yourself as well. I am limitless with my love. We are all people. We should all be treated as equals. Sure it sounds cliché but it's still the truth. 
Me, I tolerate even less now people's ignorance, hate, anger, egos & negative attitudes. I don't got time for that shit homes! Talk to me with respect as I do with you and we good. I am self taught with how I think, feel, act, walk or talk in life. No one ever instilled these values in me to be a stand up man and to Love without limits. I was simply self taught to love and not hate. Love with no limits.
Some people still need a good swift kick in the ass however. If your one of these people that I mentioned above that I am intolerant towards then you are guilty & have to learn to be a better man or woman.
We need more people that are as real as you & me. The World around you will thank you for being a better person and you will thank yourself most of all.
Learn to Love Unconditionally. It has worked for me. Try it sometime.