Wednesday, 4 December 2013

...* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" 1st Ever "Poison" Post: "BETRAYAL" *...

Betrayal. Throughout my life, I have been betrayed by many people. Some of which were and still are people that were and still are close to me. I trusted them, because, I felt that they were suppose to be individuals that were by relation had to be my closest confidants. I have been wrong with everyone that I have been betrayed by. Poor judgement on my part for believing what was being fed to me. That was my mistake. As the old saying goes: "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me three times? Not a chance!". Needless to say, I have not been fooled by these purveyors of betrayal a third time. Those people have been left by the wayside. I have no time for games. I have no time for people who were never genuine from the jump. Never again.
I had hope for many of those that have betrayed me. Hope is what kept me going, long after seeing those betrayers had vanished. I still extended my hand to them despite there being no reciprocation. I checked for people that could care less if I was even still breathing despite not doing anything wrong on my part. It hurt. It still hurts. The good ones get hurt and the bad ones get everything. A process that never sits well with me. I have never betrayed anyone. EVER. The reason? I just never wanted it to ever happen to me. My loyalty has always gotten me the short end of the stick. NEVER AGAIN.
It's betrayal that it ultimately comes down to. I gave everything that I had and then some to those purveyors of betrayal with no positive outcome. I searched for love and friendships in the wrong places from individuals who were insincere from the start. I found my own way. Blazed my own path holding on to the betrayal as a scar of war from each individual that betrayed me. Girlfriends, Family, Friends, Co-Workers. They all betrayed me.

It became hard for me to trust anyone after so much betrayal. My circle of loved ones is now very small. I have created my own environment and world, that if betrayal creeps it's ugly head again, it wouldn't be hard to tell this time where the betrayal comes from. I guess, it's true that you can never trust a snake not to bite you. I learned my lesson.