Wednesday, 4 December 2013

* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "UNSUPPORTIVE PEOPLE" *

Unsupportive People. In other words, unsupportive support. I am perfect example of this. I have had absolutely no support from previous girlfriends, family or friends. Again, one person stood in my corner when no one else would. I don't bullshit myself when it comes to people that were there during my struggles and those that were not. One person and no one else was there. Well, one person then one other: MYSELF. It came from within me to want to move forward with that one person in my corner but not everyone is that strong. 

Unfortunately, most people I know are not motivated to do more than the bare minimum example: get married, have kids, get a house and car - DONE. People don't realize that there is more to life than the bare minimum. More than what is expected of you. I am on my way to acquiring through hard work and a loving relationship those bare minimum actions but there is more to me than that. I have support now but before there was none from anyone. It hurt and it still hurts today, but I maintain my composure and move forward as best as possible. I just don't have any quit in me which is where it starts when it comes to motivation.
No, I have the idea to achieve those minimums but to also have a life plan. But, it's because I am motivated by much more. Example: my company, my own personal goals, and self satisfactions. Materialistic is not much of a factor for me at all. My partner and I have a tremendous understanding that a life plan has to be put into place so that there is no complacency in our life at any point. That's why it's lasted so long with us, there has never been complacency between us. It's always fresh and new but yet familiar and safe.
We and I in particular, have only ourselves to rely on when it comes to support. You can't force anyone to support you in everything that you do. One thing to get support in, is hard enough. Let alone, many things from people. I have let go of the idea that I will get that support from anyone, so I use it as a tool to turn that negativity into a positive for myself in moving forward. It has come to the point where I don't need anyone's support anymore period. If your not with me, then your against me. I have honestly always been that way. Again, unsupportive people has made me this way in this regard.

I have just described to you the best way to heal from unsupportive people. But, please do indulge me my dear reader a bit more here. You must realize that despite you being in a relationship whether it's dating, marriage or common law, that if your partner does not support you in your goals or ambitions than you must get away from that person if you see it continues to be negative from them. I know a few people that I was in relationships with that echoed this behaviour with me.
One girl said indirectly to me that I was not creative enough to do anything entrepreneurial. Another one said, me following my dreams was what killed our relationship. Even though, it was there bad treatment of me that killed those relationships.
I have rebounded and have fought my way back because, I saw sometime ago that those same girls are still just that: GIRLS. I have a real WOMAN. One that I support just the same as she has stuck by me and support me. She totally got what I was doing with my dreams {my company} and was with me every step of the way where no one else wanted to be. For that, amongst many reasons, I am honored to be her man and blessed for her to be my woman.
It's funny, those same people that are not supportive of you, always keep tabs on you and act like they don't know that you are succeeding in what they simply did not want to support you on. Then turn around and jump on your band wagon when your hot. Or they look to use your good name which you worked for, in order to get themselves over. I tell ya, everyone looks for the free ride from you, without wanting to support you from the start.
The best thing too, is that you can then have the power to transfer that negative energy to them where it rightfully belongs and then shut them out of your success. It makes them think twice about what they did wrong in not supporting you. That's how you recover. You prove them wrong and then if you choose, you can shove it in their face!
Works for me!