Wednesday, 4 December 2013

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Secret Admirer. It's someone that watches you from a distance and notices your every move and adores everything you do without showing you that they do. A secret admirer is someone that checks up on you if it's someone that you know {and can tolerate}. It can be a friend, a friend of a relative, a friend of a friend, your husband, your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your fiancé, or even your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. This person comes with no harm most of the time. Just simply waits for the chance to tell you how much they love you or much they miss you. Even how much they want you in their life. It's the people that never come out and say that they admire you, that feel stuck in that admirer purgatory.

Of course, as you see above there is two different types of admirers. I admire more than I am being admired. That's the truth from my POV. If your going to admirer someone at least have your own act together so that once that person knows or eventually finds out that you are their secret admirer, you can present yourself as someone who is worthy of being in their presence and vice versa. I feel that I have my shit together when it comes to whom I admire so when they catch me taking that longer glance over at them they know that I mean business with them, and that she is going home with me tonight.

Now, I am speaking in general speak here but I am simply stating that you must present yourself worthy of being with that person that you admire. I am still blown away by the men that have woman that make other men and even woman question: "what does she see in that guy?" or "what does he see in her?" It's not just looks but a good chunk of this is from the confidence factor.

A person can be super attractive if they are confident in themselves and are giving out a real charismatic positive vibe to the room. I have seen guys that otherwise were not very good looking from a guy {or girl}'s POV that ended up with very attractive girls. And vice versa. It was the confidence. It was the secret admirer in those people that told them that they could be with that woman or be with that man if they play their cards right.

I am a secret admirer now. If you are a secret admirer yourself, don't be afraid to tell that person that you have fallen for them. You will end up happy when you do, because at least you finally got it out that you are watching that person.

Win, lose or draw, you are going to be happy that you said something. It will give you a boost of confidence no matter the outcome of coming out and saying how you feel about the person that you have been admiring.

If that person is not interested then you have the confidence to continue your search. You never know, that person that you told your feelings to, or someone else may just come to you. They might just be, YOUR SECRET ADMIRER :)