Wednesday, 4 December 2013

* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "PEOPLE I WANT TO PUNCH IN THE FACE" *


People I want to punch in the face. Too many to name. Karma is the real punch to the face. It hits harder than any physical damage could ever do. Trust me I know. While, I pack a knockout punch of my own. Karma's is absolutely stronger. I must admit. King Karma, will always rule.

There use to be a "list" of people that myself and my old friend would add to every time we encountered someone that was to be dealt with in a harsh and timely fashion. Of course, we were just adding them to a fictional list that no one ever actually got physical beatings from us. It was a list of people that were just not in our good books. For me, that list grew into real life situations that bared real malice towards. Wrong doers as they are called. In my world, they are called hurtful people. People with no purpose but to disrupt my order of comfortable and happy living. They became more targets than I ever imagined. 
To the point that there are multiple volumes of this fictional but all be it, very real list of wrong doers. Do I act on that aggression and wish physical or emotional harm? No. Karma will handle those bastards and bitches. They will have their own "Dark Passenger" that will whisk them to their land of punishment. I make the list, and karma gets them for me. I stay happy and focused. They stay stuck and miserable. It doesn't change the fact, they are still people I want to punch in the face.
If this were a Wrestling match {in many ways it is in all realty: winners and losers}, my tag team partner, Karma will always tag in for the punishment. The finish of the match?..."The winners and still champions!...TEAM KARMA!"
Punches to the faces, "boots to asses", and nothing more than smiles and cries...