Wednesday, 4 December 2013

.................* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "FAKE PEOPLE" *..................

Fake People. I have been surrounded by many throughout my lifetime whether it was family, friends, girlfriends and co-workers. I have never been able to truly get away from them. I always wished there was someway that I could give them a good shot of my realness so that they could be as real as myself. Wishful thinking.

People are fake, coming to you in many forms. Some humor you with whatever it is you want to talk about or feel at that moment with no real genuine care or feeling towards your plight. They want you to feel only for them and not have to reciprocate to you in return when you need it. You help people always, then when you need help from them they are not there. And so on and so on. 

It is a funny quote above but it really isn't that funny when you think about it. I have never thought about killing anyone if they are fake to me. That's a bit extreme. If they hurt me emotionally or mentally really bad then I think of retaliating but not killing anyone. I however do always stay calm as much as possible.
Losing my cool is not a pretty site for anyone including me. The anger takes over and then you want to act on the harsh thoughts. Not me. I am calm. And, you have to be with people that are fake. Some are more fake than others. You just have to distance yourself from those that wish to be dealt with in a severe manner.

They then will become just nothing more but a distance forgettable memory. It ties back to Karma. It will get those that hurt you every time. So stand back and watch it happen. Fake people deserve what they get and have to answer to themselves eventually. You rarely if ever, find someone that truly humbles themselves for being fake to people. They become more fake and try to put on a mask of stone that their shit doesn't stink. They are the ones that get called out on their bullshit first.
Fake people for me, are just nothing more than a very distant forgettable memory. They have no place in my world and should never have had a place in my life to begin with. It's part of growing up. You only can rely on two people, yourself and well, yourself to weed out those fakers to your thrown of realness.
Take it from me, I have dealt with too many fake people, that I have lost count. I only surround myself with real people with genuine kindness in their hearts. People that come with no strings attached or drama. I have had my fair share of drama, I survived it and now can only deal with like minded people such as myself that are only here to spread real love and real happiness amongst those that we come in contact with.

All fakers, will be left behind. Let them stew in their own fake lives and misery, while you and I soar with the eagles carrying our realness as protective coats of armor.

Like the old saying goes: "Real recognizes real"...