Wednesday, 4 December 2013

......................................* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "KARMA" *.........................................

Karma. Karma, I have always said, is a muthafucka! No matter how hard you pray that it doesn't get you, it WILL get you. If you have done wrong someone, it will catch up to you. I know that I have always treated people as how I wanted to be treated. But, you can't help how people conduct themselves. If you are as aggressive as me, then you must be their immediate karma. The situation must be dealt with.
I have always believed in karma, for the amount of hurt and pain that I have felt from individuals that walked into my life with smiles but were looking for ways to hurt me while smiling to my face. My kindness has always been mistaken for weakness. My laid back demeanor has always made people think that I am a pushover. WRONG! I sit back and watch the loudest and most "aggressive" people make the dumbest mistakes.
They find out quickly that taking the tough guy/girl approach makes them look like a fool. It's funny actually. I am laid back because, when I move, I move in silence. When I move, I move with purpose, passion and with the idea that your mistakes is what I am trying to avoid. I am laid back for many reasons. One of them is, that I stand back when that lightening bolt of karma hits you. I am not getting struck by your karma. I always say, never stand in the way of someone's karma.

This is exactly what I made clear above. I have and will continue to watch karma strike the individuals that have hurt me and have tried to harm me. I take satisfaction in seeing this. I always say: "Good, you deserved it. You should have treated me or that person better!". It is truly a sight for sure.  
Need I say more? Yes, karma has no deadline. I have seen it strike those individuals that have hurt me and others like if God was slapping them across the face himself. I urge all of you, that if you don't want your karma to get you if you did wrong then please from the get go, treat people as you want to be treated. I know there is a boatload of individuals who are still getting their karma and some that are in the process of being anally raped by their karma as we speak. Sit back, and watch the drama unfold, and pray that it doesn't happen to you. Karma, as I said, is a muthafucka!