Thursday, 30 January 2014

~~ * "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT. GO OUT AND FUCKING EARN IT." * ~~

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. Go Out And Fucking Earn It. Need I say more? No, but I will because there is more to this statement than you see. So, let me explain here. Sit back and have a read.
I am a workaholic. I have always been that way especially when it comes to starting and finishing something. Passion has always been one of the main reasons why I am a workaholic. I do not just turn my attentions to something without passion and love for what I am doing. Not to mention, the knowledge and experience that I will gain in the process. Unfortunately, not enough people have these traits in order to go out and earn their keep. Let me further explain here.
Some people are born independent such as myself or your born either lazy, or middle of the road. Just doing enough work to get by then running for the first chance to take a vacation. Not me. I haven't had a vacation in over 16 years {Trinidad to visit family - August 1997}. We are in a society where everyone is looking to take the easy way out of working or working hard for that matter for anything. People that I know are only coasting not thriving. Not me.
In the 16 years of not having a vacation by really no choice of my own, I can point to many, many reasons including set backs and accomplishments in those years to show for the non-vacation time. I believe this is one reason that people are unhappy with themselves because they can't really point to anything as the reason of accomplishments before taking a vacation. Some cannot even after a vacation.
Don't get me wrong, there are many hard working people. I think there is more hard working people such as myself that deserve their time. I am a person that doesn't wait for good things to come to me. I am going out like the title goes, fucking earning it. I am putting in my work now and then some, to relax later. There is a method to my madness. So far, so good.
Then you have some people that I know that rushed into marriage to have "security" so that they can convince themselves that they worked hard and earned the right to have someone take care of them. The love is given up for security. There is no earning there with the people that I know whom clearly didn't earn that security.
My entire life, I have always been a provider. As I head to the next stage of my life soon, I am already more than prepared for my new life due to my past & present life experiences having worked for and earning my keep. That includes, taking care of my loved one. My loved one however, has those experiences as well. She has earned it. She has earned the right to have me take care of her for the rest of her life. She has taken care of me and does now. We take care of each other as it should be.
Bottom line is, go out and work hard. You will enjoy the fruits of your own labor when the time is right. I am lucky, I have my woman that deserves her down time more than anyone that I have ever met. We are one in the same. So, it makes it easier for me to take care of someone that has worked harder than anyone that I have ever known for her right to be pampered & cared for.
Hopefully, you are lucky enough to meet someone that also works hard, by simply going out and earning it. You and your partner will thank yourselves and each other for the joy that comes soon after. As for me and my lady, very soon, it's vacation time for us together! :)
Now, go out and earn your right to enjoy your life!

~~ * "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "FAKE FRIENDS VS. REAL FRIENDS" * ~~

Fake Friends VS. Real Friends. All too many times throughout my life, I would say that I have the unfortunate displeasure of having fake friends. Thankfully, however, I have had more real friends that I can count. But, they too showed their true colors and are now considered fake friends.
Sometimes, you have to take a very long time in order to find out whom are your real friends and who are the fake friends. For example, I have grown up with a group of friends that are somewhat spilt down the middle as this: The friend that only wants to talk to you if they can talk only about themselves and it's all about them. Then the other group is: the friends that you can lean on a bit for help and cares to be apart of your life.
I have a lot of fake friends that are now kept very far away from me. I know for a fact that they don't know anything really about me. The sad part is that they never wanted to know or wanted to ask. They are unsupportive and the same people that I grew up with. They want your support but not willing to return the same gesture. Or you support them because your a good person and they just never give the same in return. Fake Friends? Absolutely!
Real Friends. I have a handful. Its the people that if I ever was in trouble or needed help with something, they are there without question. But, that handful is really small to be honest. Less than a handful to be more accurate. I have always prided myself on being a real friend. I always believed that if your around too much then you are taken for granted. But, always be there when it matters the most.
My point is that you have to pick and choose your friends carefully. You have to be good at noticing the tendencies of the people that you associate with. If you can live with those traits and still be close friends with someone where no one is getting hurt then you are good. If you have a Fake friend that is destructive with you or without you, that is the person that you must create distance. Either cut out of your life for good or have a very, very safe level of distance. They will bring you down with them if your too close.
From the experiences I have had with Friends, I have become more selective who I get close with. As a man, I have realized a long time ago, that I do not need to have a gang of friends around me in order to be a real friend or to stand on my own two feet as a man. I hope that you realize this too for all you fellow men and yes, women.
Respect is a huge thing for me as well. If you have respect for someone then that will most likely be mutual and off you go to see if the friendship lasts later on. Having friends is an investment. You have to simply ask yourself: "Do I want to invest in this person or not?", "Why or why not?" you make those decisions then as I said, you go from there.
Keep in mind, you want a REAL FRIEND. No FAKE FRIENDS allowed!

~~ * "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "JUST ONE LOOK" * ~~

Just One Look. It's that simple. It was one look that my woman gave me that sunk my heart and made me the most important man on the planet. It was one look that I gave her the first time that I saw her picture then met her in person that told me that I am going to marry her.
A lot of people take this one simple gesture for granted. Not me. It goes back to that old saying: "It was love at first sight". I finally had that and now the sky's too much of a limit for us. I must say, that the one look is all it really takes because it is really powerful.
Some people stare without even knowing it. But, that is just as powerful if the stare comes from someone that is attractive whether its a man staring at a sexy woman or a sexy woman staring at a man from across the room. The staring is considered a form of checking out whose in your eye sight. Don't get me wrong, there is creepy staring then there is the kind of easy-on-the-eye staring. Nonetheless, even staring starts with Just One Look.
Through your one look to someone that you find attractive, you send a message. You send either that aforementioned creepy message or an enticing message that your interested in getting to know that person or seeing more of them. You have to make sure that when you send that message, It gets through in a positive manner to your target. You might just be pleasantly surprised what reaction you get from that person. I know I was. And, still am :)
With someone that you know whether your dating, married, engaged, friends or whatever, your one look should always make that person smile. Blushing is even a better reaction that you should hope for as well.
Warmth and Love is what people secretly hope for in a look from their loved one. It goes a long way. Trust me, I know this thankfully, from experience. When you provide that one look for them and you wish it for yourself too, it's the connection that you both are establishing with that one simple warm look.
And, all it takes is JUST ONE LOOK. It's that simple.

~~~~~ * "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "GUILTY CONSCIENCE" * ~~~~~

Guilty Conscience. It's rare that people pay attention to their conscience. Especially, when it comes down to simply thinking about what they have done wrong to someone. This could be a girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on their significant other, a girlfriend or boyfriend abandoning their significant other when they need you the most, or being physically, mentally, emotionally abusive towards their loved one. This of course goes the same way for married couples, common-in-law couples and not to mention with family, friends & co-workers.
The self admittance of feeling guilty towards the wrong doing of another person is rarely ever fixed between those individuals. That's where Karma comes into play. That is another story for another time. From experience, the wrong doer is guilty and reacts in any other way but to simply say "I am sorry, I fucked up, please forgive me".
Peoples egos play a factor in not allowing themselves to do the easy thing by simply apologizing and making things right. I personally, have experienced this from the end of both girlfriend relationships, friends and from family. It's not pretty folks. To this day, a lot of unresolved issues that I have with people have been left up in the air with me waiting for these pieces to come down to even pick up so that I can finally move forward. Saying "Sorry" is death to people's egos because it humanizes them, humbles them and they feel it puts a blemish on their conscience. "Oh god, now I have a negative on my so perfect (false) existence as a human being!".
No one ever wants to be wrong. No one ever wants to say sorry. I have experienced family my entire existence acting as if their shit doesn't stink. Fucked up behaviour and ignorance is bliss to them. Calling someone out on their mistakes is considered taboo. Your pushed further away instead of it being their wake up call. This is painful for someone like me. I have been hurt more times than I care to think about as it brings those negative feelings I have towards family. I have always tried to be the bigger man. Putting things aside and trying to talk to those individuals or let them hear a voice that they never wanted to listen to. In my "family" there is no accountability for all the wrong doing towards me. None at all. I have been hurt deeply my entire life by "family". It still goes on today. But, there is something lurking in those minds and lack of hearts from my "family": A GUILTY CONSCIENCE.
I have been in relationships with girlfriends, one in particular before I found my true love that felt that everything was more important than I. Herself, her family, friends, religion and even distant friends. I remained supportive. I remained faithful. I remained loyal. I remained a trust worthy boyfriend. But, eventually, I realized that I was being treated like sixth rate trash.
I tried to move into a positive light where I was thinking about starting my own business and even dealing with deep personal issues that god forbid meant that the spotlight of our "relationship" was to be forced on me, thus taking away the attention off of her and her more important than I priorities. It was met with drama, stress, emotional abuse, abandonment and heartbreak for me.
I fought my way through it, but realized that years now after the fact, that no matter what, Karma will get that person if it hasn't already happened. But, Karma gets you when you ignore your conscience. It gets you when you deny that you are not guilty of hurting someone. It gets you. It does. One thing that ex-girlfriend will understand, is that you can't run from your mistakes forever. It will catch up to you. Your reactions to your wrong doing towards me is called: A GUILTY CONSCIENCE.
Friends. I have had one in particular that once told me that he repented for the wrong doing he caused me. Then less than a year or so later, it started again and now that jerk off doesn't play a part in my life anymore period. I have had similar friends that have done wrong to me. Disrespectful comments, ignorant statements, turn their backs on me when I needed help. All things, that I know as a friend, I have never done to them. But, lets face it, one of two things creeps up on them now: Karma or: A GUILTY CONSCIENCE.
The point is, that despite it sounding cliché, treat people as how you want to be treated. Your never too big to say simply, "I am sorry" or "I am sorry, how can we make this right?". Your never too old. Your never above your mistakes, they will catch up to you if you don't deal with them in an adult manner. I know this from experience. I have always looked for answers from the same individuals that have hurt me. But, I am going to see what their Karma does to them. I am seeing it now. I am happy and at peace with myself.
It is because I have in fact, thankfully, no GUILTY CONSCIENCE.