Wednesday, 4 December 2013

...* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" 1st Ever "Passion" Post: "FIRST LOVE" *...

First Love. Your first love is someone that you will never forget no matter how hard you try to move on with your life. Lucky for me, I finally found my first true love after years of feeling that I had found it with my first two previous girlfriends. I guess it's true that "third time, does the charm". My first love comes at a time in my life, where I have finally gotten into position to really make a bold and daring move that will catapult me into stardom. Both personally and professionally to be clear.

My first love is who I am with. Not because I am with her now, but because she is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after a long period of darkness. I will always remember in the years of darkness, who was there and who wasn't. She was and is there when no one else wanted to be. But, I truly love her. Truly. In love I should say. Nothing will ever take this feeling away from me as I know it's finally genuine. 

I fell in love immediately with her. She has made me feel like I felt I should have all these years of toiling in meaningless, bottomless relationships. Like a worthy man. An important man. I have done my best to treat her like she deserves from the get go, and that's like a queen. My queen. That my friends, is true love. To love someone unconditionally, no matter of race, color, creed or religion. To treat that person as important as you want to be treated. Not as an option but as a choice. I found that. Thank god. It's how she makes me feel important nearly as much as she does for me. We have a fair loving and giving relationship. That is love. Give and take. Not, take, take, take.  

There are people out there that feel that they have moved on or have tried to convince themselves of moving on. It never happens for those people. I have been hurt more than I have been the person hurting someone. So it's been easy to move on from the stand point that I did everything within my power to make all the wrongs right. If that person didn't want any of the positive of me, then they were not good enough to be with me.

Let them convince themselves of being the right one to "move on". Let them. But, I have always known, the real is over here with me. I have gotten in "trouble" for telling the truth. The brutal honest truth about my love life but I know right from wrong. You can't touch someone that tells the truth. You may try, but I dare you to try it again. First Love. It makes you stronger than you think. Test it, and you will get run over. Aggressive? Yes. True? Absolutely!

My first love, is who I finally found. Not who I was with before. I found what was missing. I found what I should have always had. My first love. I don't know anyone that ever said or thought of me as their first love but I know that I can call my woman now, my FIRST LOVE. There is nothing like it. Nothing.
I don't try to fool myself with anything. I have always been real and honest. I found someone that is like minded and effortlessly is on the same page as I. Nothing is forced, rushed, or contrived. It's real. It's real love. It's our FIRST LOVE.
I take back a previous statement, I do know someone that calls me their first love. It's my queen. She is my goddess. The love of my life. For that, she deserves all my love and then some that others wanted to throw away. I know my worth being with her. That is what makes her in many ways, MY FIRST LOVE.
For that, I thank you for being my FIRST LOVE :)