Wednesday, 4 December 2013

* "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "THE POWER OF A WHISPER" *

The Power of a Whisper. There is nothing like it if used for good. I have whispered in the ears of the listening for years. Only the few that listened survived that power. One, has stood the test of time in my darling's years: "I love you". But, there is another type of whisper that is ever lasting as well that is shared between lovers or would be lovers. You can guess what words those are: "I want to fuck you" is thee main one. "Come back to my place" is another. "Thank you", "You look hot in that dress", "Your sexy", or "Come with me", is just a few more examples. They all have the same desired effect. You are using your words close to one of the most sexual erogenous zones of a woman or a man's body. You can revert to quote number 2 of what will be the outcome if done correctly. 

I have had many a pleasant word whispered in my ear from one woman. I do get turned on. Always. The power of the whisper is stronger than you think. Unfortunately, you have to get in a right environment in order to use this tactic. Going to a club where you have no choice but to whisper or talk in someone's ear because the music is too damn loud is not sexy. If your at a party where you have trapped your target to whisper something sexy in their ear is more doable than spitting alcohol in someone's ear trying to get their number or trying to get their number by chatting them up in their ear. You get the picture... 
Even your name being whispered in a woman's ear or whispering the woman's name in their ear is hot too. It will have the desired effect as well. Don't get me wrong, no everyone will fall under your spell if your trying this on everyone. You have to study your target and feel confident enough that this is going to work or you might get rejected. Better yet, a slap to the face from the woman. Or the wrong impression if it's a woman trying to talk slick in a man's ear.
The right amount of buzz words, enough closeness to the ear and an enticing use of physical contact is going to show you the real power of the whisper.
It's worked on me & for me thus far! * wink, wink * That is THE POWER OF A WHISPER...