Thursday, 30 January 2014

~~ * "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Poison" ~ "FAKE FRIENDS VS. REAL FRIENDS" * ~~

Fake Friends VS. Real Friends. All too many times throughout my life, I would say that I have the unfortunate displeasure of having fake friends. Thankfully, however, I have had more real friends that I can count. But, they too showed their true colors and are now considered fake friends.
Sometimes, you have to take a very long time in order to find out whom are your real friends and who are the fake friends. For example, I have grown up with a group of friends that are somewhat spilt down the middle as this: The friend that only wants to talk to you if they can talk only about themselves and it's all about them. Then the other group is: the friends that you can lean on a bit for help and cares to be apart of your life.
I have a lot of fake friends that are now kept very far away from me. I know for a fact that they don't know anything really about me. The sad part is that they never wanted to know or wanted to ask. They are unsupportive and the same people that I grew up with. They want your support but not willing to return the same gesture. Or you support them because your a good person and they just never give the same in return. Fake Friends? Absolutely!
Real Friends. I have a handful. Its the people that if I ever was in trouble or needed help with something, they are there without question. But, that handful is really small to be honest. Less than a handful to be more accurate. I have always prided myself on being a real friend. I always believed that if your around too much then you are taken for granted. But, always be there when it matters the most.
My point is that you have to pick and choose your friends carefully. You have to be good at noticing the tendencies of the people that you associate with. If you can live with those traits and still be close friends with someone where no one is getting hurt then you are good. If you have a Fake friend that is destructive with you or without you, that is the person that you must create distance. Either cut out of your life for good or have a very, very safe level of distance. They will bring you down with them if your too close.
From the experiences I have had with Friends, I have become more selective who I get close with. As a man, I have realized a long time ago, that I do not need to have a gang of friends around me in order to be a real friend or to stand on my own two feet as a man. I hope that you realize this too for all you fellow men and yes, women.
Respect is a huge thing for me as well. If you have respect for someone then that will most likely be mutual and off you go to see if the friendship lasts later on. Having friends is an investment. You have to simply ask yourself: "Do I want to invest in this person or not?", "Why or why not?" you make those decisions then as I said, you go from there.
Keep in mind, you want a REAL FRIEND. No FAKE FRIENDS allowed!