Thursday, 30 January 2014

~~ * "Navarro's Poison & Passion" ~ "Passion" ~ "JUST ONE LOOK" * ~~

Just One Look. It's that simple. It was one look that my woman gave me that sunk my heart and made me the most important man on the planet. It was one look that I gave her the first time that I saw her picture then met her in person that told me that I am going to marry her.
A lot of people take this one simple gesture for granted. Not me. It goes back to that old saying: "It was love at first sight". I finally had that and now the sky's too much of a limit for us. I must say, that the one look is all it really takes because it is really powerful.
Some people stare without even knowing it. But, that is just as powerful if the stare comes from someone that is attractive whether its a man staring at a sexy woman or a sexy woman staring at a man from across the room. The staring is considered a form of checking out whose in your eye sight. Don't get me wrong, there is creepy staring then there is the kind of easy-on-the-eye staring. Nonetheless, even staring starts with Just One Look.
Through your one look to someone that you find attractive, you send a message. You send either that aforementioned creepy message or an enticing message that your interested in getting to know that person or seeing more of them. You have to make sure that when you send that message, It gets through in a positive manner to your target. You might just be pleasantly surprised what reaction you get from that person. I know I was. And, still am :)
With someone that you know whether your dating, married, engaged, friends or whatever, your one look should always make that person smile. Blushing is even a better reaction that you should hope for as well.
Warmth and Love is what people secretly hope for in a look from their loved one. It goes a long way. Trust me, I know this thankfully, from experience. When you provide that one look for them and you wish it for yourself too, it's the connection that you both are establishing with that one simple warm look.
And, all it takes is JUST ONE LOOK. It's that simple.